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 Terms and Conditions of Family First Aid Courses.

 Billetto Ticketing service sell tickets on our behalf for our Family First Aid courses. They operate Terms and  Conditions:  refund-what-should-I-do-?_ga=1.12656695.1601550972.1480517311

 Any cancellation after Billetto’s 24 hrs cancellation policy is subject to the following terms:

 All cancellations must be highlighted to C & C Training Team before the start time of the course you are booked on.  C & C Training Team can be emailed: or telephoned leaving a detailed message on our  answering service: 07873757291 or 07929880872 alternatively we accept emails through our website contact us  page:

 Please note - Text cancellations will not be accepted as proof of cancellation before the event.

 C & C Training Team will be happy to offer an alternative course within 6 months of date of purchase of original ticket  however the replacement course MUST be booked within 1 month of cancellation. (For example a client booked to  attend a course on April 1st 2017 will be permitted to re-book on any course before Oct 1st 2017 but must re-book  within one calendar month by May 1st 2017 or their ticket will no longer be valid.)

 In addition any client who re-books and then cancels for a second time will render their ticket invalid for future  courses.

 Bookings and Payments:
Provisional Bookings can be made by requesting a provisional booking form. Bookings will be held provisionally for 48 hours  only. Confirmation of Reservation - To confirm your place on the course, you must send payment in full.

Confirmation of booking by C & C Training Team LLP: 
Once we have received your payment, we will confirm your booking. We will send you a confirmation email, including: course  details, directions to the training venue and if requested local hotel information. If you have not received this email within one  week  please call us. We recommend that delegates do not make travel and hotel accommodation arrangements  without this confirmation email. If information is sent to a Company's training department, C & C Training  Team cannot accept any liability for information which is not passed to the delegate.

C & C Training reserves the right to change prices without notice, but this will not affect any course you have already paid or  agreed to pay for in writing. 

Cancellations, Substitutions & Transfers:
Cancellation - You may cancel a course for which you have enrolled and be fully refunded all course fees provided you give C &  C Training Team at least 60 working days notice prior to the course commencement. Once within this time period a sliding scale  of charges will apply as follows:

No of Working Days Notice                       % of Course Fee Payable 
60 - 30 days                                                                   50% 
30 - 0 days                                                                    100% 

 Companies cancelling contracted courses booked will be subject to additional terms and conditions under the terms of the  contract.
If a delegate fails to attend the first or any subsequent day of a course, C & C Training reserves the right to deny the delegate  entry to the classroom for the remainder of the course. If C & C Training Team exercises this right, the booking will be deemed  cancelled and you will be liable for the full course fee. (Successful completion requires full participation of the 12 hour course.)

Delegate substitutions: 
Substitutions are acceptable provided notice is given prior to course commencement and that the substitute delegate meets all  course pre-requisites. In the unlikely event that it is necessary for C & C Training Team LLP to cancel or re-schedule a course, we  will endeavour to give a minimum 10 working days notice. In such circumstances a full refund or alternative dates will be  available and all liability by C & C Training Team LLP will be limited to the value of the original course fee. Certain circumstances  such as inclement weather that is deemed dangerous for travel, which results in C & C Training cancelling the course at short  notice (less than 10 days) would result in full refunds for students. No refunds will be given to students not attending a course  that has not been cancelled by C & C Training Team LLP due to weather/transport issues without prior negotiation with C & C  Training Team LLP. Under these conditions C & C Training may offer a good will reduction for an alternative course at their  discretion.

You may transfer your individual course booking to alternative dates and incur no additional costs provided the request is made at  least 30 working days in advance of the course commencing and there is adequate room on the alternative date. Once within this  time period a sliding scale of charges will apply as follows:

No of Working Days Notice                       % of Course Fee Payable 
30 - 11 days before course commences                 50% 
10 - 0 days before course commences                  100% 
Course Content, Trainers and Materials:
Course Content - The First Aid Training can be adjusted according to the client’s specific needs, however the core content must  satisfy EYFS requirements.
Trainers - C & C Training strive to provide a named trainer prior to delivering each course but reserve the right to use substitute  trainers (s) as necessary.

 In House Courses:
For all In-house courses, the client is responsible for the provision of a suitably equipped training facility. All In-house courses,  located more than 25 miles away from C & C Training Team’s headquarters, may be subject to additional expenses to be covered  by the client as agreed at the time of booking, including but not limited to, travelling, accommodation and subsistence expenses. 

Additional Delegates:
Prices quoted for In-house courses are based in part on the number of delegates. If you decide to add additional delegates to a  class once your booking has been confirmed, you must notify C & C Training and accept that there may be an additional charge I  incurred for each extra delegate that you have added to the course. This in part may determine how many qualified trainers we  need for effective course delivery.

General Conditions:
We reserve the right to exclude delegates from the course (without refund of fees) at any time if they cause significant disruption  resulting in an unproductive learning environment for the other delegates.
C & C Training will not take any responsibility whatever for theft or losses to clients belongings left at any  training premises. Valuables, computer equipment, personal property, etc, should never be left unattended. A  course is assumed to be progressing to the client’s satisfaction until a client points out to the instructor that it is not and details  the differences between the pre-agreed course content and the content actually being delivered. If appropriate, the instructor  may vary the content from that point on in line with requests, as long as all delegates agree and it is reasonable to expect the  instructor to do so.

All copyright and other intellectual property in all course materials used during the course, including course books, power-point  presentations, games and scenarios shall be and remain vested in us. You may not duplicate or use any materials given to you for  distribution to others by electronic or other means. Intellectual Property and Copyright: © Claire Watson & Claire Gartland 2012.  All rights reserved. 

Please direct all complaints initially to the course instructor so they may be addressed immediately. Any complaints received after  a course finishes will be addressed by the company partners. All complaints will be acknowledged within 7 working days. C & C  Training Team LLP pledge to resolve matters arising from complaints promptly and in writing. Written complaints can be sent by  email to or  by letter to: Complaints Dept, C & C Training Team LLP, 43 Leasingham lane,  Ruskington, Sleaford. Lincolnshire. NG34 9AG.

 HSE Company Accreditation:
 C & C Training Team LLP operate independently but are not directly HSE registered. Therefore for certification purposes we  operate under the auspices of Aid Training and Operations. We ensure we follow strict guidelines are approved by Aid Training to  deliver paediatric first aid and our trainers are observed annually to maintain this accreditation. 

We carry full Trainer’s insurance to protect our company and our clients during training. This cover is provided by:
Hiscox Underwriting Ltd of 1 Great St. Helen’s London, EC3A 6HX. Policy details available in link  below.

 Privacy Policy:
 Who we are - Terms of reference in this privacy policy such as “we”, “us” and “our” refer to C & C Training Team LLP. The  “Website” refers to

 What information do we collect on our website?
 Any information we collect via the Website might include: Personal details you have knowingly provided us through contact or  booking forms or via email, face-book, twitter or linked-in. This may include: name, date of birth, address, phone numbers,  medical information or additional learning needs.  It may also include your preferences and use of email updates recorded by  emails we have sent you. In addition we may record your IP address, (a unique computer code recorded by our web server when  you request a page or area on our website. This information is used to monitor your use of the website.) In order to effectively  process credit or debit card transactions it may be necessary for the bank or card processing agency to verify your personal  details for authorisation outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Such information will not be transferred out of the EEA for  any other purpose.

 What we do with your information:
 Any personal information we collect from this website will be used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other  applicable laws. The details we collect will be used: to process your order and to provide after sales service by us. We may use  third parties to carry out certain activities, such as processing and sorting data, hosting our website and monitoring how  customers use the Website or issuing our e-mails for us. Third parties will not be allowed to use your personal information for  their own purposes. On occasion we may use your email or postal address to send you information on our other products and  services. In such a case you will be offered the option to opt out before completing your booking.

 Cookie Statement:
 When we provide Internet services, we want to make them reliable and easy for you to use. When Internet services are delivered  this often involves depositing tiny amounts of information on your device computer, phone, tablet etc… these small files are called  cookies. Whilst they cannot be used to identify you personally you may prefer not to accept cookies on your computer. Most  computer browsers can be programmed to reject cookies or to warn you before downloading them. Please look in your browsers  “help” facility or check out this link for more information.

 Your rights: 
 You have the right to expect C & C Training to act in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other applicable laws.  You have the right to request a copy of any information that we currently hold about you. In order to receive such information  please send your contact details including a stamped self addressed envelope to the following address:
C & C Training Team  LLP, 43  LeasinghamLane, Ruskington, Sleaford. Lincs, NG34 9AG.

External links to other websites:
 Please note that our privacy policy only covers this website. Any external websites which may be linked to ours are subject to  their own policies. C & C Training accepts no responsibility or liability for the content or terms of use on external websites.

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